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Mighty Kids offers a stimulating space for children to freely learn from and explore their environment while developing a sense of self and a feeling of belonging. Mighty Kids encourages children to be social, curious, expressive, and physically active.

Our Philosophy and Goals

  •   Children’s early learning experiences are the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, and health.
  •   We acknowledge and respond to the uniqueness of each child and his/her family.
  •   Partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children.
  •   An atmosphere of adult harmony is essential, as are supportive adult-child relationship.
  •   Children are capable and enthusiastic learners who have an innate need to make sense of their world.
  •   We respect children’s own timing and rhythm and understand the need of adult support to reduce the pressures and haste to make them grow up.
  •   Play is an important avenue for early learning that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance.

Sally Hooper
Sally is an educator with over 30 years’ experience teaching at all levels – from pre-school children to university students in Canada, Australia, and South Africa. For eight years she was vice-principal and then principal of a GTA Montessori school with 250 students aged 12 months to 14 years. Sally has a PhD from Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto, and teaches in the Faculty of Education at Brock University and at a Montessori teachers’ college of which she was a founding director.

Sally is an active member of the community. She Past Chair of a provincially-funded organization that is the single point of access for all adults and children with developmental disabilities and mental health issues in the Niagara Region. Sally is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Textile Museum of Canada.

Our Staff
Mighty Kids’ program leaders are qualified early childhood educators, with either an undergraduate degree and two-year diploma or a four-year degree in early childhood. They are Registered Early Childhood Educators, members of the College of Early Childhood Educators, and have current first aid and CPR (including infant) certification. One member of staff has, in addition, a post-graduate diploma in special needs in the early years.

All assistants have an undergraduate degree or relevant college qualifications. Because we encourage staff to become better qualified, several are pursuing further education.


Our goal is to provide a high quality programs for young children in a safe and responsive environment where children are actively involved in a variety of experiences designed to promote their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Infant Program (12-18 months)

With a thorough understanding of the developmental stages of this age group, staff provide a quiet and nurturing environment that allows infants to thrive and grow in the way best suited to each individual. We strive to build strong positive relationships between staff and families in order to facilitate the sharing of information, important for all children, but particularly so for those under two years of age.

While offering experiences that appeal to infants and contribute to their overall growth and development, the program is flexible to respect each infant's abilities, needs, and interests (e.g., some need a morning nap).

Toddler Program (18-30 months)

This program has been designed to meet the specific needs, natural curiosity, and interests of children from one-and-a half to two-and-a-half years of age. A stimulating learning environment promotes holistic development – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. Activities and resources, relevant to the lives of young children, provide opportunities for language development, gross and fine motor refinement, thinking, problem solving, and experimenting.

Pre-School Program (2.5 to 4 years)

The focus of this program is on learning activities in real-life contexts within the community (e.g., local parks and libraries, Riverdale Farm, Evergreen Brick Works, the Ontario Science Centre) that are designed to encourage the children to think creatively, to explore and investigate, to solve problems and engage in the inquiry process, and to share their learning with others. Language-rich activities and resources provide further opportunities for thinking, problem solving, and experimenting-- all essential for literacy development.

Before and After School Care (JK/SK)

This program includes a mix of exploration, guided and independent activities, quiet time, and outdoor play. A health snack and drink will be provided.


Please check back soon for upcoming summer camps.



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